Common Reasons for Corporate Investigations

5 Most Common Reasons for a Corporate Investigation

Managing your business comes with a large responsibility to ensure your finances, people, and reputation are functioning in a healthy and efficient way. As your business grows, so do opportunities for corporate misconduct. In our line of business, we’ve seen many reasons for a corporate investigation. In this week’s article, we explore five of the most common reasons a company may require a corporate investigation. 



Employee theft costs Canadian businesses over $1 billion every year. This crime isn’t just inconvenient, it can be detrimental and even lead to bankruptcy. Beyond employees, suppliers or even stakeholders could be skimming from your bottom line. The longer you leave it, the worse it can get. As soon as you have reasonable cause to suspect theft, contact the professionals who can help collect hard evidence and possibly even recover losses. 


Embezzlement & Money Laundering

There are plenty of ways for money to be moved from your company to elsewhere through embezzlement and money laundering. The unfortunate truth is that many of the culprits are experienced and know how to cover their tracks. Investigators are trained to analyze financial transactions and movement, discovering links to corrupt activities. 


Harassment and Abuse

Bullying and harassment come in all shapes and sizes. Sexual, physical, and verbal abuse in the workplace often goes unreported. When HR is struggling with these cases, a private investigator can offer their support. They can perform objective interviews and comprehensive surveillance to determine if abuse is occurring and to what extent, giving your HR and legal teams the facts they need to make informed decisions.  


Background Checks

Sometimes prevention is a better choice than mitigation. This can be achieved through background checks. Checks may be performed on potential employees, company finances, or even third parties so that you always know who you are working with. If something unbecoming comes up during these reports, you can make the right call for your business. 


Mergers & Acquisitions

In this day and age, it’s quite common for companies to invest in or partner with other companies. When these mergers and acquisitions occur, you should have a private investigator by your side to suss out any suspicious activity. They can provide a full due diligence report, complete with information the general public may not have access to. 


Corporate investigations can target criminal activity, mitigate it, or even prevent it. If you’re curious how our investigative services can help your business, request a complimentary consultation with our team today! 

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