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What is a Corporate Investigation?


At its core, a corporate investigation is the investigation of a business for the purposes of revealing wrongdoings committed by either the employee, employer, or a third party. The evidence collected through this type of thorough assessment may be used in court to defend or substantiate a claim. A corporate investigation is conducted by a certified private investigator.  


Identifying the “Bad Apples” 


Building an efficient workplace requires a culture of trust and honesty. Suspicions of misdemeanour can break down healthy co-worker relationships and transform the workplace into an environment that empowers bad behaviour. Insight Investigations may identify employees that abuse company resources, create false claims, attempt fraud, and much more. 


Collecting the Facts


Identifying these “bad apples” requires a professional and objective collection of evidence. Whether the situation involves suspicions of internal or external activities, an investigator may be the difference between correctly identifying the relevant factors or misidentifying the scenario entirely. Any information gathered by investigators is collected in a manner that allows it to be used as admissible evidence in court when legal action is enforced as a follow-up action. 

Corporate Investigations Services Offered

Employee Investigations

Business/Corporate Monitoring Investigations

Waiting for a problem to reveal itself can create deeper rifts and much larger problems. As soon as there is reasonable suspicion surrounding corporate affairs, an investigation should be enacted. If you are in need of professional corporate investigation services, contact our team for a complimentary consultation today.

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