Employee Investigations

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Employee Investigations

Corporate investigations are meant to safeguard your work environment. Threats come in many forms that can impact your business financially. Employees may be conducting inappropriate behavior that can cost you your business’s reputation. Everything from the theft of time, employee misconduct and even workers’ compensation disputes.


Company culture is highly influenced by the employees themselves. Those who are honest and hardworking contribute to the productivity, positivity, and ultimately the success of any work environment. In most cases, it is easy to separate the good from the bad in a professional and effective manner. But what do you do if the problem is deeper than having a sour attitude? Employee misconduct, fraud, or even theft are all fraught with legal considerations and professional red tape. When misbehaviour turns criminal, companies can rely on us to perform an adept and unbiased employee investigation.  


Unmatched Expertise

Our ability to unearth the truth is due to our thorough and comprehensive approach to employee investigations. Through a number of methods, such as background checks and due diligence searches, we can compile all the facts to help you determine whether misconduct is occurring within your company. This information is always collected in a manner that all submitted material is legally admissible.   


Impartial Perspective

Beyond not having the experience or legal know-how, it can be a challenge for coworkers, supervisors, and managers to perform this type of investigation when they are so close to a situation or person. Aside from becoming invariably messy, this can lead to rumours, distrust, and a steep drop in morale. By working with us, we can perform the investigation as quickly and efficiently as possible, without compromising your entire workplace. 


Areas of Investigation

There are a multitude of ways an employee could be acting unethically. We specialize in: 

  • Internal Operations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Asset Misuse
  • Abuse or Misuse of Company Network/Information
  • Employee Integrity and Work-Related Contracts
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Employee Time Theft
  • Employee Standards Act and Canada Labor Code Abuse
  • Loss or Theft of Proprietary Information 


As an employer, you place a great deal of trust in your employees to manage your financial, physical, and informational assets. When this trust is broken – or suspected to be – it is imperative to have the situation uncovered and addressed as soon as possible to reduce risk and losses. Don’t play the guessing game any longer, let us help you find the facts. 

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