Child Custody Order Investigations

child custody order investigations

child custody order investigations

When child custody cannot be agreed upon civilly between parents, the process can turn into an emotional and expensive battle. Claims made in court need to be backed up by evidence that can be hard to obtain. At Insight Investigations, we assist our clients with gathering the necessary proof to confirm suspected claims or influence visitation determinations by the courts. 



Collecting evidence can be a complex process ridden with red tape. If information is not collected in a legal manner, it will likely not be admissible in court. As private investigators, we are well versed in the legalities of the family court system, and as such, have strict processes to effectively collect evidence without compromising our clients’ claims. To do so, we may use some or all of these methods:


  • Surveillance
  • Witness Testimony
  • Background Searches
    • Current or prior relationship or family status
    • Employment verification
    • Criminal record searches
    • Comprehensive financial records searches 


Proving Child Custody Order Requirements or Breaches

Court orders, and specifically parenting orders, are not optional. They must be followed and adhered to except in emergency scenarios. Where compliance is in question, clients may utilize our services to prove order requirements or confirm suspicions of a breach. We begin by retrieving a copy of the child custody order from civil courts. Next, we will conduct surveillance to uncover the truth and collect evidence.  


Duration: We provide approximately 5 days of surveillance.


Through these services, we aim to achieve specific outcomes: to reaffirm placement scheduling, assist in providing further admissible court testimony and evidence, and above all else ensure the highest quality of care is being provided to our clients and the child or children involved. 


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