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Fraud can rear its ugly head in many unexpected places: insurance, personal identity, or even in the workplace. Over time, this crime can cause severe and overarching damage, which is why it is so important to have it sussed out as soon as there is even the faintest glimmer of fraudulent activities. 

Assessing the Red Flags

There are many reasons a person may commit fraud. Dire financial need, a revenge plot, or even the desire for an adrenaline rush could inspire someone to break the law. However, mere suspicion isn’t enough to bring a person or group of people to court. The best way to collect evidence is to work with our team. They use their expertise to examine the red flags and determine if there is a need for further investigation. 

Exhaustive Inquiries

Our investigations into fraud require at least two main perspectives:

  1. A look into the activity and behaviour of the suspect or suspected group.

a) We review if there is a sufficient system of checks and balances in place, or if a person has full control over a company’s finances. 

b) Aside from having physical access to finances or financial information, behaviour can be an indicator of guilt. Suddenly spending more money, becoming more defensive, or displaying high-stress levels while at work are examples of clues we clock when assessing a suspect. 

  1. A thorough examination of the financial processes and records of the company or individual experiencing the suspected fraud.

a) We may perform audits, search for patterns in missing information or documents, interview affected staff, review the chain of command wherein financial controls and limits are applied, and more. 

We collect all of this evidence efficiently and lawfully, and put the pieces together in the form of a comprehensive report. If you suspect fraud, don’t waste your time waiting for the culprit to suddenly develop a conscience. Call in the experts and start recuperating your losses right away. 

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