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Statistics Canada Reporting On Fraud

Insurance investigations affect everyone from individuals to large corporations. The Crime Severity Index (CSI), has steadily increased from 2014. Among the highest rising crime rates reported by Statistics Canada were fraud, shoplifting, and theft over $5000. Statistics Canada has been reporting increasing rates of extortion since 2012. Many criminals have attempted to process false settlements with their insurance company. We know how important it is to combat these attempts so they are not successful in receiving a fraudulent settlement.

Illegitimate insurance claims can cost millions, if not billions, every single year. These astronomical costs don’t only affect insurance companies, but those who depend on them to insure their homes, businesses, cars, and health. Exposing fraudulent claims are key to protecting all Canadians from paying for the crimes of others. Enter Insight Investigations.

A Firm You Can Trust

Our skilled investigators work closely with adjusters to examine the activities of suspicious claimants. Both inflated and completely fabricated claims result in hard dollars lost, and so need to be approached with equal ardour. We take pride in our ability to provide valuable evidence that supports many types of insurance claims. From bodily injury to auto theft, our team is equipped to handle all types of these complex investigations lawfully and with due care and attention. 

Mitigating Losses

When left alone, fraud and misrepresentation force premiums to skyrocket. Everyone else feels the crunch while culprits are enjoying their undeserved payoffs. Dealing with these issues as they arise is essential to reducing losses. Furthermore, insurance claims have expiration dates, meaning that your company must collect evidence and hard proof of fraudulent activity before that relatively tight window closes and recovering those costs is near to impossible. 

Proven Methods

Insurance investigations require a covert approach, comprehensive surveillance, and a keen eye for detail. Our investigators collect information through these methods that a claimant may not have declared to their insurance company. Properly collected visual confirmation is indispensable in a claims dispute. It can be the difference between a fraudulent payout and saving thousands. In addition to compiling evidence through surveillance, we also provide a detailed final report that summarizes our investigation. This ensures all of the information collected is laid out clearly and can be interpreted as accurately as possible. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late, let our experienced private investigators review your case at no cost. 

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72% of Canadians are concerned about fraudulent activity.


100% of people are affected by insurance fraud. Canadians end up paying higher premiums when fraudulent insurance claims are paid out. Auto insurance fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers $1.6 billion annually. Insight Investigations helps to mitigate these costs for all Canadians while adhering to an assigned budget.

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