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Statistics Canada Reporting On Fraud

Insurance investigations affect everyone from individuals to large corporations. The Crime Severity Index (CSI), has steadily increased from 2014. Among the highest rising crime rates reported by Statistics Canada were fraud, shoplifting, and theft over $5000. Statistics Canada has been reporting increasing rates of extortion since 2012. Many criminals have attempted to process false settlements with their insurance company. We know how important it is to combat these attempts so they are not successful in receiving a fraudulent settlement.

Why choose us?

Our expertly trained staff work closely with adjusters to examine the activities of suspicious claimants. At Insight Investigations we take pride in our ability to provide valuable evidence that supports many types of insurance claims. From bodily injury to auto theft, our team is equipped to handle all types of insurance claim investigations.

Our Solution.

Using surveillance we are able to provide clear footage of a targets activities. Our skilled investigators use covert techniques to gather information. This type of visual confirmation can make a big difference in a claims dispute. Combined with visual evidence we provide a detailed final report that summarizes the investigation. Above all, our investigators know how important it is to gather intelligence in a lawful way.

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72% of Canadians are concerned about fraudulent activity.


100% of people are affected by insurance fraud. Canadians end up paying higher premiums when fraudulent insurance claims are paid out. Auto insurance fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers $1.6 billion annually. Insight Investigations helps to mitigate these costs for all Canadians while adhering to an assigned budget.

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