Degree of Disability

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Degree of Disability

Insurance is designed to protect people from accidents that cause lasting damage. Unfortunately, there are those who seek to take advantage of the system by exaggerating or fabricating a disability or impairment. When fraud of this kind is suspected, the evidence must be collected to either support or deny the insurance claim. 


Official Documentation

Disability insurance usually requires an official Degree of Disability or Degree of Clinical Impairment to determine an appropriate clinical rating. Ratings are outlined by Alberta’s Workers’ Compensation Board and specified to each type of impairment. For example, spinal injuries are treated differently than hearing loss. In cases of suspected fraud, an investigator will need to verify the accuracy of the physician-issued documentation.


Collecting Evidence & Document Review

Verification requires the investigator to collect evidence, which may either corroborate or disprove the truthfulness of the official documents. This is achieved primarily through lawful surveillance. This involves monitoring the claimant for a set amount of time and recording their activities and behaviour. Discrepancies, such as a person who claimed they are suffering from a debilitating back injury after lifting a heavy box, will be noted.   


Detailed Reporting 

Once evidence is collected, the investigator will compile a comprehensive report using specific and relevant terminology that will best describe any decreased capacity or loss of ability. As private investigators are not medically certified, they are not permitted to diagnose or offer medical advice. As a result, the detailed report will only include objective observations so that our client may determine the appropriate next steps.


Duration: 2 days of evidence collection and surveillance.


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