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employment status

There are a number of reasons why employment status may need to be determined and confirmed. From unfair dismissal to inaccurate form submission, this piece of information can affect a wide range of claims.  When the status is in question, we at Insight Investigations can collect evidence to verify the truth of the matter.    


Separating Fact from Fiction

Not everything written on paper is entirely accurate or truthful. Our clients may opt to utilize our services when fraud regarding employment status is suspected. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Not reporting additional income from other employment. This could be an issue for several reasons, primarily in the case that a claimant begins another job while claiming to be incapacitated or otherwise unable to work.
  • Returning to work and not notifying the insurance company or Workers’ Compensation Board.
  • Failure to report a change in work status, such as termination due to work-related injury.


Reasonable Doubt

An investigation may be prompted if there are sufficient grounds to suspect an offence may have occurred or is occurring. Employers, insurance companies, and the Worker’s Compensation Board may all choose to undertake an investigation either before or after a claim has been approved. The goal of the investigation must result in hard proof that either supports the original claim or gives credence to the suspicions.


Proven Methods

When hired to determine employment status, our investigators use a combination of thorough surveillance and document review to compile a comprehensive report. This two-fold approach ensures we know exactly what information needs verification. The collected evidence will be relevant to the claim and legally obtained so the client will be able to make a fair and accurate conclusion.  


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