Full Subrogation and Litigation Support

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Full Subrogation and Litigation Support

Subrogation is a legal principle that may occur in several different insurance realms, such as automobile, health, and home claims. When the potential for subrogation is high, recognizing third-party liability becomes a necessity and the possibility of litigation must be prepared for. All that said, taking a third party to court on behalf of your insured can be a messy and arduous process if not done properly. Having a great legal team means little without hard evidence. A timely, effective, and accurate investigation must be carried out to adequately support your case.  


The Importance of Timing  


Waiting to act can result in the loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Claims deteriorate with age. Furthermore, the Insurance Act of Alberta maintains a statute of limitations of two years. Timing is critically important when hiring an investigator to assist with subrogation investigations. Any delays in starting the investigation can compromise the integrity of trace evidence that may be crucial to the determining factors. When determining fault and recoverable damages, it is especially important to identify any legal cause and provide evidence to support the claim. That’s where we come in.


Utilizing the Appropriate Support


Litigation claims require collaborating with professionals who not only bear your best interests in mind, but who maintain a working knowledge of these unique claims. At Insight Investigations, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of insurance claims and litigation processes to offer tailored solutions to our clients. A custom approach is vital due to the ever-changing landscape of insurance claims. No insurer, third party, or situation will be the same. Likewise, investigative needs will differ. 


Recovering Assets 


We assess third-party negligence using the most feasible method such as public records requests, personal property searches, financial institution checks, and more. 

Proper subrogation and litigation support can save insurance companies substantial money and time. To utilize our services, contact our team for a complimentary consultation.

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