Locating Persons of Interest

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Locating Persons of Interest

Locating a person of interest can be particularly tricky when attempted without the proper experience. More often than not, a simple Google search isn’t going to cut it. When you’re hitting constant dead ends and wasting valuable time searching, it’s time to invest in a private investigator. 


Beginning the Search


Private investigators are bound by provincial law to maintain a strict code of ethics. Searching for your ex because you want to keep an eye on them is not reason enough for an investigator to perform a search. Valid reasons can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Landlord-Tenant Dispute
  • Spousal Child Support
  • Long Lost Relative
  • Adopted Family Member
  • Debt Recovery
  • Legal Action
  • Asset Investigation
  • Serving Legal Documents

Our investigators will start by forming a consensus with recent database information to begin necessary steps such as surveillance. The more information provided by our client about the person of interest, the better. Name, age, location of their last contact, and other details can help the investigator avoid false leads and narrow down the search considerably.  




Q: How do you find someone that is trying not to be found?

A: In cases where a person is intentionally hiding from our client, finding them can seem like an impossible task. However, our investigators offer years of experience in this field. The patience and due diligence of a seasoned investigator can greatly increase the chances of a successful locate.


Q: What record databases do you have access to?

A: Our investigators have access to a wide variety of resources that provide government and corporate records. These include: (list of databases) [Check CPIRC, our GDrive list, AAPI, Courts], [update our GDrive file with ALL of the new/potential database



Q: Should I use Google or an online directory?

A: These sources are notoriously vague and not always accurate. Many online directories overpromise and underdeliver, leaving you frustrated and with unreliable information. Working with a private investigator ensures you have a human point of contact with an understanding of your unique situation. 

Don’t waste another minute looking aimlessly, learn more about our locating services and how they may help you by contacting our team today!

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