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Medical Investigations

In the unfortunate event of an injury accident, insurers rely on their insurance company for compensation. Fraudulent or exaggerated claims don’t just raise premiums, they can be grounds for a criminal record. When the severity of an injury is in question, our team of medical investigation experts can determine the truth.


Restriction & Limitations

When the insured claims restrictions and limitations, an investigator may use surveillance as a tool to acquire evidence to either support or refute their claim. For example, if a person were to claim an injured back, we would observe their movements for lifting, straining, bending, and walking to see if they acted in such a way that their back was sore. If we observe the person lifting a 50-pound box, this would be obvious proof that their back was not injured.  


Another indicator that may raise suspicion is the demand for extended therapy. In cases where a physician has declared an individual as “capable” or “back-to-work status,” the individual may attempt to prolong the therapy to acquire a larger settlement at the expense of the insurance company.


Visible Observations of Person(s) Using Medical Aids

Surveillance may also be used to observe the individual using medical aids when a physician has prescribed one. An investigator will capture evidence in cases where there is suspicion of misuse, or the aid not being used at all. These aids may include: 

  • Knee Brace
  • Arm Cast
  • Movement Restriction Device
  • Hearing Aid
  • Walking Assistance Tools, such as canes or walkers
  • Wheelchair

Through surveillance and observation of all these areas, an investigator may compile relevant and insightful evidence towards the medical claim. Contact our team for a quote to get started!

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