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What To Expect From Us?

The most common process serving package includes 3 attempts to serve the documents. If enough information has been collected that would allow us to confidently complete the serve with a fourth attempt, we will complete the fourth attempt free of charge. We thoroughly investigate prior to any attempts to serve. We also offer a location search service if you require the whereabouts of a party or individual. Additionally, we offer a single attempt to serve if you already have reliable and sufficient location information.

Service Checklist

To begin the process, the following items must be completed.

Retainer Payment Information

To complete the retainer payment please fill out the Contract Of Retainer Form. A minimum retainer payment of $200.00 is required before services begin. If the investigation of any additional information is required, then the retainer minimum payment may be increased. After services have been completed any remaining funds from the retainer payment will be returned within 2 to 4 weeks.

Common Process Serving Services

To begin the process please contact us to assist you in completing the following items:
Location Search
Single Attempt $75Multiple Attempts $125
Public Records Database Search
Social Media Records Search
Uncover Recent Location Information
Attempt to serve documents to the target/respondent
3 attempts to serve documents to the target/respondent
Review recent location information and verify with additional sources
Complete a final attempt to serve (free of charge)

If required, an Affidavit of Service will be $50 upon a successful serve.

All non-rush process serving will take place during the last week of each month. For rush services that must be completed within 48 hours, our packages include $240 for multiple attempts, and $170 for a single attempt. All process serving services include an Affidavit of Service.


For bulk process serving jobs, we offer discounts that are negotiated on a case-by-case basis


89% of situations that require a process server will benefit from having an experienced investigator complete the service legally.

Additional Services Information

The following is a list of related additional services:
Please contact us for any unique circumstances, and any services not listed here.

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