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What Is A Risk Assessment?

At Insight Investigations we take steps to identify areas and assets at risk. We also take steps to educate our clients on risks by making informed suggestions, compiling comprehensive reports, and assisting with the implementation of mitigation measures. To provide our clients with top-quality service we also bring in industry experts. We follow all safety and regulatory bodies’ guidelines when providing risk assessment reports.

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Source: Statistics Canada Impact of cybercrime on Canadian businesses, 2017

How Do We Help?

We take pride in our ability to listen to our clients’ needs. We will create a customized assessment for you that produces more effective results, such as: external factors to consider, prioritized internal factors, potentially concerning scenarios, short-term vs long-term solutions, hazard mapping, and many more.

Knowing the risks in the workplace is important to provide a safe and healthy environment. Common risks include:

How Do We Get It Done?

Our team takes care to analyze your workplace for potential hazards thoroughly and efficiently. Upon identifying any hazards, we create a detailed report. Our report summarizes risks, clearly identifies hazards, and suggests solutions. We work closely with our clients to achieve the most cost-effective mitigation results.

Using this customized outline, our team makes a thorough check of your workplace to identify areas that are potentially hazardous. We also look into previous accidents, look up equipment & chemical datasheets, and even directly talk to employees. Our team will know precisely what adjustments to make and how to instruct current staff on how to implement new policies. Often times the employees will provide valuable feedback on areas they use daily. We also understand the importance of working with your employees because they will often be the ones implementing certain improvements. Once we have identified, we will evaluate the severity of dangerous & accident-prone areas. The summary will include categorized risks in a scaled format to easily discern the most severe from least severe. Employees may also be in need of proper training for certain positions or new processes. In addition, we may need to implement safety-check schedules for employees to sustain the new changes.

Starting A Risk Assessment

We understand the resources needed to complete commonly suggested parameters of an assessment, and we take care in respecting your budget. If certain improvements can be achieved with short term solutions, we can support you in that decision and guide your staff accordingly. Don’t allow your company to become liable over a low-quality risk assessment. With higher standards of workplace safety comes a higher standard of efficiency, and that truly is the time tested recipe for success.

Risk assessment is a broad term that encompasses many services. To ensure we provide the best service tailored to your needs, please contact us for a free consultation.

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