Why use a Private Investigator

Why use a Private Investigator?

Private investigators offer their expertise in a wide array of scopes. From the criminal to the civil realm, PIs perform thorough investigations to help their clients uncover the truth. But do you really need a private investigator to get to the bottom of things? Here are three reasons you should consider teaming up with a PI. 


Professionalism & Ethics

Private investigators often get called into situations that can seem messy for those living in the center of it. For example, a child custody battle is an emotional experience for parents and children alike. Coming up with hard evidence can spiral into missed opportunities and insufficient proof when left to a caregiver to provide. A PI acts as an unbiased third party to perform a child custody order investigation. By adhering to a strict code of ethics and professionalism, they can collect evidence that will be admissible in court, without putting you or your child in harm’s way. 


Specialized Expertise

Different types of investigations run the gamut for needs, approaches, and best practices. Enlisting a friend who is great at Googling won’t offer the same level of expertise in, let’s say, a corporate investigation. Fraud and other illicit activities come in all forms. Chances are that whoever is committing it has gotten this far because they are good at covering their tracks. To unveil the truth, you need someone who is even better at uncovering them. That’s where a private investigator comes in. They will be able to perform informed searches, surveillance, interrogations, and more to collect evidence pertaining to an investigation. 


Timely Results

In addition to their vast knowledge, PIs have access to tools and databases that the general public is typically not familiar with. This is helpful in cases, such as insurance investigations, where time is of the essence. Waiting too long can affect the evidence or even have a claim dismissed altogether due to the statute of limitations. Not only does this waste time, but can potentially cost an insurance company thousands of dollars in the long run. A private investigator will be familiar with the time constraints and perform their duties as promptly as efficiency will allow. 


Successful private investigators are experts in their field, offering their clients tangible and timely results through ethical means. If you are in need of private investigation services, contact our team at Insight Investigations today!

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